From food justice to veganism

Veganism and plant-based diets are often advertised as part of both a crunchy and upper class white lifestyle, but is this accurate? And is it even attainable to eat more healthfully?

Life chances of Black African refugees in the U.S

By Katelyn Skye Bennett July 27, 2020 This post focuses on the life chances of Black African refugees in the U.S., taking a look at the labor market, how knowledge of the English language plays in (you’ll be surprised!), and what an appropriate faith response might look like. There’s a summary at the end. This […]

House for sale in Chicago

Housing discrimination in Chicago

By Sophia Porter July 20, 2020 Over the past couple months, income inequality between Blacks and their white counterparts has been at the forefront of conversations about racial inequality on the national stage. The figures are staggering, prompting a myriad of questions. One that’s particularly close to my heart relates to housing. Can we fully take into […]

Chicago, a house divided

Chicago has a legacy of housing discrimination and redlining. Today, this same race and income based divide is evident in the location of affordable housing. Sophia shares her experiences with low income housing management and development.

Summer of Black death

Covid19 disproportionately impacts the Black community. We explore why African Americans are at higher risk and the causes for higher death rates.

Reflections on the Protestant Church’s dealings with race

By MaLaysia Mitchell, Sophia Porter, and Katelyn Skye Bennett August 23, 2020 Welcome to Intersected. This week’s post is a little different than usual. Here, the three of us will be writing on our experiences in the Black, mainline, and evangelical Protestant Church. It’s reflective and may push a few buttons, but if you claim […]

Drawing of woman on scooter

I, too, am justice: Life as a disabled Latiné

By Iliana Rivera August 10, 2020 Today Intersected welcomes a guest writer, Iliana Rivera. She roomed with Layla and Skye back in college and is passionate about advocacy work that aims to create inclusivity and equity across racial, socioeconomic, and physical divides. She graduated with a B.S. in Psychology and is currently working on a […]