Young Latino man against blue background

Is Mestizaje a Myth? How We Complicate Latinx Histories

Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage Day provide a prime time to acknowledge the romanticized nature of the histories we were taught and to reconsider them with honest and humble eyes.

What no one tells you about racial battle fatigue

I have always been told “you are so strong” even when enduring the most traumatic and heinous experiences, but this has hindered my ability to grieve in a healthy way.

Reclaiming Afro-Latinx visibility in Panama and the U.S.

Reclaiming Black visibility within Latinx communities is an assertion that Black lives really do matter. Today’s writer focuses on Afroantillanos in Panama before bringing it home to the U.S.

From food justice to veganism

Veganism and plant-based diets are often advertised as part of both a crunchy and upper class white lifestyle, but is this accurate? And is it even attainable to eat more healthfully?


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