Katelyn Skye Bennett

Editor-in-chief and Co-founder

Katelyn Skye Bennett

Skye (she/they) works full time as an employment counselor with refugees and asylees and manages Intersected Project with her best friend Layla. She is pursuing a Master’s in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies at DePaul University. In all her work, she hopes to further space for belonging.

Skye holds a B.A. in Sociology and a Journalism Certificate from Wheaton College, IL. She has served as News Editor for the Wheaton Record, worked for the Denver VOICE, edited for the former Rhythm Reload Magazine, and has been published by Today’s Christian Woman.

To read more of Skye’s musings, follow her at katelynskyebennett.com. If you’d like to connect, email intersectedblogproject@gmail.com or find her on LinkedIn.

MaLaysia Mitchell (Layla)

Publisher and Co-Founder

MaLaysia is the co-founder of Intersected Project with Skye and is passionate about social justice and racial health equity advocacy. She works full time as a health data analyst at a federally funded research and development center, where she is actively engaging in her ambitions to have a national impact on healthcare reform.

MaLaysia has her Master’s in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University and graduated from Wheaton College, IL, with a B.A. in Anthropology, concentrating in science, Latin American studies, African studies and theology.

You can connect with MaLaysia on LinkedIn or email her at Mal.Mitch@live.com.

Joanna Chin

Staff Writer

Joanna currently serves as Assistant Director of Advising and Retention at New York University where she also received her Masters in Social Work. Joanna graduated from Wheaton College, IL, with a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies, concentrating in literature and writing studies, Anthropology, and Psychology. She values holistically engaging students and their needs as well as cultivating spaces of growth and community. She identifies as an Afro-Latina writer, lifelong New Yorker, and a self-proclaimed nerd. 

You can read more of Joanna’s musings on the intersections of racial identity, faith, and social justice on her blog graceriot or connect with her on LinkedIn

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