Intersected Project

Racial equity starts today

Submit your logo!

Intersected Project is a racial equity initiative that aims to address some of the most pressing issues facing marginalized communities. We invite you to create a new logo design that would be the face of our publication, Youtube channel, and social media.

Eligibility: Open to the public with no entry fee!

Deadline: Logos may be submitted with an Intersected Project Logo Competition Submission Form or email with the subject line Logo Competition by September 30, 2021.

Submissions will not be accepted after the deadline.


Logo brief and details

Integrate our mission

Mission Statement

The mission of Intersected Project is to empower actions that promote racially equitable communities, making everyday heroism more accessible. 

Vision Statement

We envision an empathetic society that can identify the impact of historical, structural racism and actively eradicate social inequities.


1. Empathy 

Our work is rooted in the community and creates shared understanding across social divides.

2. Empowerment

We seek to empower marginalized voices and elevate their stories and experiences.

3. Truth

We strive to share stories in the context of credible evidence and data. 

4. Creativity 

Our work inspires social change through creative solutions, even in the mundane. 

Typography and Color

Name: Intersected Project or Intersected 

Tag line: Racial Equity Starts Today 

Typography: Sans serif, e.g. League Spartan, Cooper Hewitt

Colors: We are open to color scheme ideas, however here are a few that we tend to gravitate towards:

Suggested Style

Style: Playful, modern, engaging, vivacious

Other things we like: “Together” by MKoby art

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