Hey folks, Intersected has grown large enough to merit its own site! We have transitioned from katelynskyebennett.com over to this new site, intersectedproject.org! We are happy to meet you and hope you’ll subscribe.

As an incentive, next week’s post focuses on race in private education from the standpoint of a phenomenal math teacher. We have some more guest writers planned for Latin American Heritage Month in September and are looking forward to seeing Intersected continue to grow!

Originally run by Layla, Sophia, and Skye as a summer project, Sophia has stepped down from Intersected in order to focus on some other responsibilities. We will miss her input but are grateful for the time we spent working together!

Layla and I are continuing with this project and are building a base of guest writers as we forge forward.

But who are we and what are we about? Great question!

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

At its core, Intersected is a racial equity project operating out of the theory of intersectionality. We value hearing from BIPOC professionals in particular. While we like to provide a depth of information and a dab of reflection, what makes us distinct is the call to action at the end of our posts, since we want readers to be able to take the next step in their communities.

If you are pursuing racial equity, Intersected is the blog for you. 

What is equity in the first place? It’s not good ol’ “fairness and equality,” which miss the mark. These graphics from pinterest are helpful reminders: 

Thanks for joining us here at our new site, and thanks for subscribing to receive updates when we post each Monday! See you next week.

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