Intersected Project will be hosting its first live event! Tiffany Witcher and Glen Homer will join us live to explain what neurodivergence means, share how it intersects with race and gender, and discuss how neurodiversity is an asset in promoting racial and gender equity.

Recorded: January 13, 2022 from 7-8 p.m. CST


About Our Guests

Glen Homer is a neurodivergent (ADHD/autistic) behavior analyst (BCBA), actor, and online content creator (Twitch and Youtube) with a master’s degree in psychology. He is dedicated to creating a diverse community that celebrates neurodiversity, and, in particular, the many traits of neurodivergent people around the globe. In addition, he is seeking to reform the controversial field of applied behavior analysis with fellow neurodivergent ABA practitioners. He/his/him pronouns.

Twitch: Glen_Homer 
Twitter: @DivergentsGamer
IG: @divergentsgamer

Tiffany Witcher is an award-winning accessibility advocate, charity streamer, and voice actor. They are known as the Charity Witch on Twitch, focusing on charity once a week or three times a month. They strive to make gaming and streaming more accessible for all. They/them/their pronouns.

Twitch: TiffanyWitcher 
Twitter: @_TiffanyWitcher
Tiktok: @TiffanyWitcher
YouTube: Tiffany Witcher
Email –

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