Cover of "The Uneasy Conscience of a White Christian: Making Racial Equity a Priority" by Clifford Williams.

Intersected Project will host a book discussion group on “The Uneasy Conscience of a White Christian” by Professor Cliff Williams starting Wednesday, April 6, 2022, at 7 p.m. Central on Zoom.

This event will run virtually for 10 weeks. The book discussion will conclude with a Q&A event with the author, Cliff Wiliams, in the tenth and final week.

Interested participants are invited to order their books prior to the event. You can purchase the book from a bookstore with public mission and a drive for equity here.

Registration will remain open throughout the book discussion group. Please feel free to join at any time and register at this link!

Meet the Facilitators

Hope Wood

Hope Wood (she/they) grew up moving around the world and spent the most time living in Russia and Azerbaijan. She graduated from Wheaton College with a degree in Sociology and Urban Studies. Since then, she’s lived on the Southside of Chicago for 3 years and is moving to Humboldt Park in March. She dreams of collective liberation and creative transformation. She hopes to facilitate a space where participants “learn from voices of color and lean on other white people,” as she was instructed by Critical Black Feminist scholar and community advocate Kina Reed. She calls Cliff Williams her “honorary grandpa” and enjoys long walks in forest preserves with him a few times a year. 

Benjamin Norquist

After serving as an educator in higher education for fifteen years, Ben (he/him) is now pursuing a PhD with the Higher Education faculty at Azusa Pacific University (Azusa, CA). His research focus is on higher education systems in settler colonial contexts. Ben’s dissertation is a regional case study of the higher education system in the occupied Palestinian West Bank, with attention to the implications of external pressures as well as internal responses and aspirations. Ben trains college students in design thinking and project management tools and then works with student teams to conduct innovation projects with community organizations around the world. A constant learner, Ben is enlivened by hopes for deepening self-awareness and moral sobriety for himself, his friends, and his community, especially related to our racialized identities. Ben wants to work with others to clarify our histories, privileges, mistakes, and opportunities. 

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