By Katelyn Skye Bennett | Editor-in-chief

This fall has held some special moments for Intersected. As many Americans prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, we’d like to shares some autumn highlights for which we’re grateful.

Race Relations 101

We recently initiated a 101 series on race relations in hopes of reaching the people who are tired of talking about race, unimpressed by social justice, or perhaps from homogenous communities where race has never been discussed out loud.

We began with an article highlighting five common phrases that may be well-intentioned but can actually cause harm. By taking the time to listen, readers can learn how to better respect and care for those around them.

In September, we added a fresh post on microaggressions. Are you familiar with the term? If not, you can read about what they are and why they’re significant here:

Cultural appropriation is another relevant topic to race relations, no matter the season. However, it often comes up in conversation around Halloween in regards to costumes (think: clothing your child in a headdress and face paint as you trick-or-treat or wearing Blackface to a college party, a repeated and real-life example highlighted by the show Dear White People). For this reason, we thought October would be a good month to touch on appropriation and the concepts of intent and impact.

Because race relations can be challenging and terminology can be triggering, we touched on inclusive language as well. We hope it helps readers get to the heart of “PC language,” or more accurately, inclusive language.

Top Posts in Racial Equity

But we didn’t focus solely on these introductory topics this autumn. We were pitched a post on AAPI mental health, which we were thrilled to publish. If you’re interested in writing or submitting a topic suggestion, feel free to reach out to our staff on the contact page!

Our phenomenal staff writer explored the intersections of immigration, disability, and documentation as well.

Finally, Intersected Project’s most read article this fall was written on asexuality. We were thrilled that AVEN, the Asexuality Visibility & Education Network, picked it up and shared it. Our mission is to empower actions that promote racially equitable communities, making everyday heroism more accessible. The more people involved, the more we can achieve racial justice.

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